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Written and directed by Adam Gordon 

Assembly Roxy, 3-6 March 2019

How do you find your way home when you don’t know where that is?

A modern-day folktale of war, migration and homecoming, Kith tells the story of Dani, Glasgow-born son of a migrant mother who has kept her past completely hidden from him. When she dies with her story untold, he sets out on an odyssey to discover the 'truth' of who she was and who he is.

Weaving its way from Scotland to Eastern Europe, from this world to the underworld, Kith is a play about the stories we tell ourselves and each other about who we are, where we are from and where we belong.

Kith was nominated for the New Work Award and Best Performance Award on its debut work-in-progress run at Prague Fringe in 2017.

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a falling 

a falling is a circus show about suicide. An interdisciplinary work exploring its subject through a blend of acrobatics, movement, text and image, a falling seeks to open up difficult questions with grace and even humour. It is a beautiful and visceral work that also makes practical suggestions about how to live with and support each other in times of deepest need. 

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Queer Green Place

Queer Green Place explores the city of Glasgow through the landscape of desire. Interweaving autobiographical tales of coming-of-age with the hidden history of our queer forebears to create a provocative and poignant meditation on the intersection of desire and identity in the public spaces of the city.

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